Most of the time I imagine the expression on my face looks like this;

because of some child or other, or work, or the news.

I have a naturally down turned mouth which prompts quite a few “cheer up’s”. Intentionally nice but see above.

I am now in my forties, something which still amazes me as I am not quite sure how I got here. And this is the part of life where we must come to terms with the fact that the face that was you starts to look nothing like you. It’s very odd. Modern technology doesn’t help either, face timing for the over forties is a shocking, shocking experience. I mostly forget to talk as I am staring intensely at the image in the little square box and wondering where I can find 8 grand for a facelift. Yes, vanity plays a part but I think it’s mostly wanting to get back to some thing and some one I recognise. Since selling a kidney or a child is pretty much out, me and my chops will rumble along and I will get used to it. I do still love one thing though and that’s the fact that my expressions can say more than words ever could #Cerseiforever