It’s my lie in tomorrow. I am willing to fight for it, photo expressing sentiment (love him). Most of the time I actually fight myself.

Anyway, I bet Harrison is a lark. I am a lark, the boy is a lark, the girl is neither or and the husband is an owl.

Us larks hear the gentle tweet of the first morning sparrow. We sense the muted light of dawn and our eyelids flutter open at the anticipation of a new day. It is 4.32 am. The bastard.

Don’t get me wrong I love, totally love love morning but when you are a true lark and come 3 pm you’re foaming at the mouth, snorting Nutella and inhaling Starbucks in a desperate bid to stay upright, action needs to be taken.

I can recommend silicone ear plugs and an eye mask. Don’t bother with sponge ones, they don’t block anything out and if you can get an adjustable eye mask it helps. There are some good ones out there, although I am still searching for perfection.

Try to make the whole scenario as attractive as possible please, think Kate Moss or someone wearing the aforementioned gear, it all gets somewhat PPE if you don’t.