Oh this is good. It’s an under eye concealer by Charlotte Tilbury, the mini miracle eye wand.

I walked past a sign that said ‘8 hours sleep in a stick’ or some such thing and I thought the last time I had eight hours sleep I was probably fifteen. As you can imagine, this has taken its toll. 

I sidled up to the nice lady girl and asked about said stick and I was promptly seated and treated. I accidentally did this in a well known skincare brand once and left 140 quid lighter wondering what the hell had happened. No such drama with this wand however. Moisturiser at one end, concealer at the other, both glide on and with a bit of a dab your eyes are transformed from the Emperor in Star Wars to Bambi. I may have used some artistic licence there but you get the picture.

My make up skills are not the best. I affectionately call it ‘slap’ for a reason; shove it on, bit of a rub and good to go is a must and this product delivers on that front too. It’s my Birthday soon so I shall be back at Ms Tilbury for round two.