As I write from my sick bed I’ve had such amazing feedback on the blog to date from loads of you, I have a lot of readers! and it’s been proper lovely to hear from people so a huge massive thank you. 

People have been asking and I know you can like and comment on here but there’s some sort of annoying log on so I will figure it out and let you know. 

I have Spring snots and throat of pure flames with added extra razor blade bits plus I feel a bit virally in that psychedelic way where window sills, bread and other everyday objects look slightly surreal and the ear worm on loop in my head at the moment is “Carah!..Carah!..Cara-Van! woohhooooaaahhhhhhhaahhhhhhh” to the tune of Coldplays “Paradise”. You are very welcome because you will be singing that all day now.