Cheeky, is it a cute word to you? Do you envisage chubby little freckle dappled faces being quick witted? Or, do you just think little sods being wholly inappropriate to adults? 

We are having a problem with cheek at the moment and it’s a difficult one because personally, I think you need a bit of cheek about you as a person. You have to have the odd one line or quip that’ll make people laugh, lighten a mood, show you have some stuff going on in the grey matter, whatever age you are. I think a little bit of cheek and good manners will eventually turn into charm as you get older and if you have ever met anyone really properly charming, not only is it a nice experience for you but they are always the ones smiling in a halo of sunshine whilst the birds sing to them, metaphorically speaking.

On the opposite side of the mini charmings then sit the ones we all know and we’ve all met. The kids whose parents probably think they are a bit cheeky cute and laugh along with the offending cretin when everyone else is thinking ‘you hard faced little muppet’. 

We tread a fine line between cheeky charming and cheeky rude. Therein lines the key for me, it’s basically manners. It’s understanding that commenting negatively on someone’s quirky appearance is rude but acknowledging someome is different in a positive manner makes everyone feel ok. 

So I will continue to chastise where necessary but also, acknowledge in a small way, the cheeky charming because it will probably prove useful one day.