Along with gin, I think of coffee and tea as mummy’s little helper.

Rough night? Either with small humans who want milk or to inform you that their toe nail has grown at 2.04 am or running down the list of top ten greatest moments you made a TOTAL and UTTER tit of yourself (always aids a restful night); No problemo, couple of cups of the good stuff and you are set.

Or so I thought. I started to wonder what exactly I was set for as I gurned away quietly grinding my teeth with my heart pumping at a zillion miles an hour, an all night rave? men’s Olympic 100 meter hurdles? Completing both wouldn’t have been an issue but when real genuine panic akin to losing one of my children set in over a misplaced left work shoe I decided that perhaps it was time for a re-think.

So dear readers, I went decaf. I braved the skull splitting, sight stealing headache and got through it. Yes I feel better for it, yes I am tired at times but it’s manageable, no it hasn’t revolutionised my life but I do sleep a little bit better and yes decaf does still have a trace of caffeine, thank god.